We're getting close to the deadline, folks!  If you want to write something for the antho but aren't going to get done in time, send me an e-mail and we  will discuss it!  I'll work with you.

Getting some great submissions at the last minute.  I hope to see more tonight and tomorrow!
New submission tallies:

Section 1:  4
Section 2:  5
Section 3:  7
Section 4:  11
Section 5:  3
Section 6:  0 

So, some increase in submissions as the deadline approaches.  I wouldn't be a surprised by a big surge at the end.  Since there's no way anyone had a story for this one in the trunk, all of these are new, and no doubt many are still being edited (or written).

As you can see, competition is fiercest in the middle, with 3 &4 receiving the most.  Surprisingly many for Section 1, and surprisingly few  for Section 5 (although a number of the 4s bleed into 5).  Not surprised that no one is trying to write a finale, of course.  I thought someone might make an attempt, but of course some elements of the finale will have to be editorially assigned.

Just over a week to go... let's get those stories in!  If you're working on this, or want to, and need more time -- please send me an e-mail.