Heroes & Villains:  New entries added for Samcrow and The Professionals.

New submission tallies:

Section 1:  1  
Section 2:  5
Section 3:  7
Section 4:  6
Section 5:  3
Section 6:  0 

I've given up on the parentheticals, as I can no longer keep track of them all, much less where they are intended to land.  Suffice it to say there are at least 15-20 submissions I've been queried about and discussed, and  which I expect to be submitted eventually.  Plus who knows how many of you are out there hanging onto your stories until the last minute.

Speaking of which, if you've already submitted and I add something (as I did today) to the site afterward that you want to use, you can revise and resubmit.  Just reply to the confirmation e-mail I sentand attach your new version.

I'm seeing some great stories in the inbox!  I have recently confirmed that we are going to have some really cool pro "guest stars" contributing to the book, and a great cover artist whose work I have admired for years.  Trust me, folks -- it's gonna be great!
In what will hopefully become a regular feature, I have decided to post a tally of submissions received by outline section, so that those contemplating a submission can see where the competition is, and avoid or confront it according to their inclination.

The first number after the colon is the number of submissions actually received.  As you can see, they are just beginning to come in.  In parentheses after that is a second number; this is the number of submissions I've discussed with writers, that are not received yet but that I feel I can reasonably expect to eventually come in.  Obviously, the parentheticals are just estimates.  So, with all that in mind:

Section 1:  0  (3)
Section 2:  1  (1)
Section 3:  0  (1)
Section 4:  2  (1)
Section 5:  0  (3)
Section 6:  0  (1)
TOTAL SUBS:  3 (10)

Obviously, we're just getting started.  Keep those subs coming!

Heroes & Villains:  Corrected the gender of the Velvet Ant.  Oops.
Heroes & Villains:  Added Techno-Knight to the list of heroes.
Heroes & Villains:  Character and team entries added for Council of Protectors, Millennium Knights of Beta City, Raptor, and the Vengeance Force.

I'm going to be adding some geographic Beta City locations soon.  Would these be more intuitively included under the "About Beta City" page or the "Heroes & Villains" page?  Feel free to weigh in with a comment or an e-mail if you have an opinion.
Heroes & Villains:  Entries added for Baron Brass and Sunshrike.  Entry for Skyhammer modified to note that he will not appear in defense of the city in BETA CITY.  What will Skyhammer be up to?  Make sure you get a copy and find out when the book becomes available!

Skyhammer's pre-POW!erful Tales encounter with Baron Brass will be detailed in the book COSMOS CUBED, coming soon from the Library of Science Fiction Press!
About Beta City:  Corrected description of location; Beta City does not sit where Cleveland once stood.  Cleveland is underwater, except for portions of its former downtown, which are now Lightfoot Island.  Beta City sits on the shores of the newer, larger Lake Erie.

Heroes & Villains:  Added new entries for Gabriel and Gehenna.
Added entries to the Heroes & Villains page for The Silver Shadow and Twilight (Lady Justice).  

Also updated Submission Guidelines and created Reviews page.
Entries added to the Heroes & Villains page for Blackthorn, Citrus Shocker, Kharsear, Mr. Medusa, and Skyhammer.