New submission tallies:

Section 1:  4
Section 2:  5
Section 3:  7
Section 4:  11
Section 5:  3
Section 6:  0 

So, some increase in submissions as the deadline approaches.  I wouldn't be a surprised by a big surge at the end.  Since there's no way anyone had a story for this one in the trunk, all of these are new, and no doubt many are still being edited (or written).

As you can see, competition is fiercest in the middle, with 3 &4 receiving the most.  Surprisingly many for Section 1, and surprisingly few  for Section 5 (although a number of the 4s bleed into 5).  Not surprised that no one is trying to write a finale, of course.  I thought someone might make an attempt, but of course some elements of the finale will have to be editorially assigned.

Just over a week to go... let's get those stories in!  If you're working on this, or want to, and need more time -- please send me an e-mail.
Heroes & Villains:  New entries added for Samcrow and The Professionals.

New submission tallies:

Section 1:  1  
Section 2:  5
Section 3:  7
Section 4:  6
Section 5:  3
Section 6:  0 

I've given up on the parentheticals, as I can no longer keep track of them all, much less where they are intended to land.  Suffice it to say there are at least 15-20 submissions I've been queried about and discussed, and  which I expect to be submitted eventually.  Plus who knows how many of you are out there hanging onto your stories until the last minute.

Speaking of which, if you've already submitted and I add something (as I did today) to the site afterward that you want to use, you can revise and resubmit.  Just reply to the confirmation e-mail I sentand attach your new version.

I'm seeing some great stories in the inbox!  I have recently confirmed that we are going to have some really cool pro "guest stars" contributing to the book, and a great cover artist whose work I have admired for years.  Trust me, folks -- it's gonna be great!
So, time for some updates.  First of all, here is a new submission tally:

Section 1:  1  (3)
Section 2:  3  (1)
Section 3:  4  (0)
Section 4:  3  (2)
Section 5:  0  (3)
Section 6:  0  (1)
TOTAL SUBS:  11 (10)

So, a few submissions over the holidays, and several more queries, which means more are coming.  Here are a few thoughts on submissions received so far:

Section 1:  This is your best chance to submit a story that isn't really about the invasion.

Sections 2, 3, 4:  The lines get fuzzed here a lot, and between sections 4 and 5, which is inevitable to some extent.  Making your story great comes first, but here are a few tidbits on the differences I'd like to see in the sections.

Section 2 is about the air war.  At this point, the aliens are still trying to establish a beachhead.  Super-folk and conventional forces are fighting the invaders in the air and still believe they can repulse the aliens before they land.  

Section 3 is about the ground war.  Here the aliens are still fighting their way into the city.  They are being resisted by, again, both supers and conventional forces (Ohio National Guard, etc.).  I'm seeing several section 3 stories where the fighting is all over and the aliens already have control of the city.  That really belongs in section 4.  During section 3, control of the city has not yet been ceded to  the aliens.  Things like work camps and pit excavation crews belong in section 4.  Of course, it's a fluid situation, and there may be sections of the city that are already held by the invaders in section 3.  But the general guideline is that the fight is still going on.

Section 4 is about isolated solo or small-group resistance.  This is in contrast to section 5, which is about organized resistance.  Think of Star Wars.  In the first half, it's just Luke and Obi-Wan and Han and Chewie and Leia against all the bad guys.  In the second half, the organized Rebellion shows up.  Section 4 is the darkest hour for the city; the army and the government have collapsed, and anyone working against the aliens should feel very alone.  Small groups are okay, but if you want to include city-wide resistance networks, think about going for section 5 instead.

If you want to try for sections 2 or 3, think about giving me some solid action.  I know the guidelines say not to just focus on aliens vs. heroes, but, y'know, a few explosions here and there are good too.  Even if you don't have the action "onscreen," the difference between sections 2 and 3 is how the war is going.  So consider letting us know what's going on, in the background if nothing else.

And, finally, if we've discussed your story individually, whatever we've agreed upon there supercedes any general guidelines I post in the blog.  Feel free to query if confused.
Here's a new submission count:

Section 1:  0  (4)
Section 2:  0  (1)
Section 3:  2  (1)
Section 4:  3  (1)
Section 5:  0  (3)
Section 6:  0  (1)
TOTAL SUBS:  5 (11)

I know I had #2 listed as having a submission last  time; that should have been in #3.  I'm sure we'll slow down a bit over the holidays, but I know at least one I'm expecting is nearing completion!  
In what will hopefully become a regular feature, I have decided to post a tally of submissions received by outline section, so that those contemplating a submission can see where the competition is, and avoid or confront it according to their inclination.

The first number after the colon is the number of submissions actually received.  As you can see, they are just beginning to come in.  In parentheses after that is a second number; this is the number of submissions I've discussed with writers, that are not received yet but that I feel I can reasonably expect to eventually come in.  Obviously, the parentheticals are just estimates.  So, with all that in mind:

Section 1:  0  (3)
Section 2:  1  (1)
Section 3:  0  (1)
Section 4:  2  (1)
Section 5:  0  (3)
Section 6:  0  (1)
TOTAL SUBS:  3 (10)

Obviously, we're just getting started.  Keep those subs coming!

Heroes & Villains:  Corrected the gender of the Velvet Ant.  Oops.