Got some requests for an update.

I'm working on the third (and hopefully final) draft of the screenplay now.  I'm also waiting to hear back on my request to up the word count in the final product.  I also have some invitees whose status I need to clarify.  It may be a month before I have those issues worked out, but I should be able to move quickly from there.

As always, feel free to send me emails asking for information or just to yell at me for being slow.  My continuing apologies for the frustrating delays.  But I am determined to do this right instead of just getting it done.


andrew j lucas
10/02/2011 5:14pm

I'm prepared to be patient. Better to have a good product than a fast sloppy one.

but best to have a product with my story in it. :)

Lori J
10/11/2011 8:41am

I agree with Andrew. :) Will wait patiently.

R.M. Ridley
10/15/2011 10:15am

I agree with the above AND very much appreciate the update but the yelling at you for being slow just sounds like so much fun - can I substitute 'yelling' with 'throwing a cream pie'?

10/20/2011 3:26pm

I'm patient. I love superheroes and superhero stories, and have tried off and on to break into comics, but you really need to have an one wants to just see scripts. This gave me a chance to write a superhero story without an artist, quite possibly the only chance I will have to do that without writing a superhero novel.

So I will be patient, and look forward to your next update.

Good luck with the screenplay!


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