This was posted in a forum thread about the anthology.  I thought the information might be useful:

My Question?
does life for human break down into slave in slave camp or is it slave but goes home after twelve hour shift home but you better show up or we eat your first born
and on the same lines - I assume their are rebel groups hidden in the city?
is the city, human wise, still functioning ?  Can a human  go get a beer after pit digging, are there people still pulling beer behind bar counters. Does the grocer still ask paper or plastic but the canned goods now has corned @#($#%!^# as well as beef?
Is there still a semblance of 'life as we know it' happening in the city?

... and the answer was:

I would guess that there is still some semblance of regular, everyday life going on in the city.  It's too big to turn entirely into one big slave camp.  Around the Pit there are probably 24-hour camps, though.  It's possible you might live a normal life under occupation until you are marched off to the Pit -- at which point it might become work-until-you-drop.

Yes, there are rebels in the city -- mostly alone at point #4 in the outline, forming groups at point #5.

The invaders will stick to their own encampments -- i.e., their "Green Zone," with their own supplies, so human grocers won't have to carry alien supplies or food.

Of course, things will be going differently in different parts of the city.  Some alien overlords are nicer than others.  I'm willing to consider anything  as long as you write it well and make it convincing.



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