Folks, I am sorry for being not-so-communicative.  We are more or less in the same holding pattern as before.  I am waiting on a couple of things, and I realize that many of you are in turn waiting on me.  The interconnectedness of this book keeps us from going forward until every element is in place.

I can tell you that I have read many amazing submissions.  This call for subs brought in a lot from two groups, neither of whom submitted much to LIMINALITY:  (1) Academics (English professors, master's degree candidates, etc.) and (2) young first-time writers.  No idea why -- feel free to discuss amongst yourselves.

I will continue to update you as regularly as possible.  I am on the downhill side of the screenplay assignment.  After it's complete, there should be some breathing room between my handing in the first draft and the notes coming back.  So there is real hope for serious progress early next month.

Apologies as always.  Bear with me, everybody! 


06/15/2011 1:53pm

Umm...hello? 'bout that story I sent you?


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