In what will hopefully become a regular feature, I have decided to post a tally of submissions received by outline section, so that those contemplating a submission can see where the competition is, and avoid or confront it according to their inclination.

The first number after the colon is the number of submissions actually received.  As you can see, they are just beginning to come in.  In parentheses after that is a second number; this is the number of submissions I've discussed with writers, that are not received yet but that I feel I can reasonably expect to eventually come in.  Obviously, the parentheticals are just estimates.  So, with all that in mind:

Section 1:  0  (3)
Section 2:  1  (1)
Section 3:  0  (1)
Section 4:  2  (1)
Section 5:  0  (3)
Section 6:  0  (1)
TOTAL SUBS:  3 (10)

Obviously, we're just getting started.  Keep those subs coming!

Heroes & Villains:  Corrected the gender of the Velvet Ant.  Oops.


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