About Beta City:  Corrected description of location; Beta City does not sit where Cleveland once stood.  Cleveland is underwater, except for portions of its former downtown, which are now Lightfoot Island.  Beta City sits on the shores of the newer, larger Lake Erie.

Heroes & Villains:  Added new entries for Gabriel and Gehenna.
We are up on both Duotrope and Ralan, as of yesterday.  Will try to add some more characters to the Heroes & Villains page tomorrow.
Call for submissions has been posted at The LIbrary!  Requests for listing have also been posted at Duotrope and Ralan.
Added entries to the Heroes & Villains page for The Silver Shadow and Twilight (Lady Justice).  

Also updated Submission Guidelines and created Reviews page.
Entries added to the Heroes & Villains page for Blackthorn, Citrus Shocker, Kharsear, Mr. Medusa, and Skyhammer.
Greetings!  Thanks for stopping by.  This is a site for a superhero fiction anthology, the sequel to POW!ERFUL TALES.  You don't have to have read POW!ERFUL TALES to submit a story to this anthology (although we recommend it, for your reading pleasure).  All the information you will need is on this site.  And if you have any questions, you can always contact the editor.

Please check out the information about Beta City, its inhabitants, and how to submit!  More to come soon!