It is my sad duty to announce that publication of BETA CITY has been  cancelled by the publisher.  All rights in all works submitted have been returned to the authors.

That said, I'm not entirely ready to give up the ghost, and if the authors are willing to wait, I will try to find another publisher for us.  News to follow as it comes.



R. M. Ridley
10/27/2011 9:07am

I'd like you to hold on to my story if you want it.
I think this would be a great antho (even more now that I read who you had on board from the comic book world).
Don't give up on this project!
Don't kill yourself over it but I think it's worth shopping around.
If you can keep the 'names', that really should help sell it (both to a publisher and to the readers)
I'm here for the ride - just let me know how the road ahead is looking every so often.

andrew j lucas
10/30/2011 11:30am

I'm also fuly behind this book. Keep my story as well and don't give up shopping it around.

11/07/2011 4:38am

You can hang onto my submission. I remain not only eternally optimistic that you'll find another publisher - but that you'll accept my story, too. :-D


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